Trump Says Joe Biden Is Main Cause of Gas Price Suffering in America

Trump Says Joe Biden Is Main Cause of Gas Price Suffering in America

( – In early 2021, newly inaugurated President Joe Biden took immediate action to enact green climate change policies and institute a war against US energy companies. Since then, every month of his presidency saw an increase in gasoline prices. As inflation hit, Biden’s story changed. It was transitory. Then, the price increase was caused by the supply chain. Now, he’s blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for high gas prices despite inflation hitting 7.9% in February – before Russia invaded Ukraine. To be sure, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is contributing to gas prices, but it’s only part of the story.

On Thursday, March 10, former President Donald Trump said gasoline prices are high because Biden allowed climate extremists to run his energy policy while the world was on fire. The former president said energy prices are exploding because of Joe Biden and Biden alone. Regarding the Russian war against Ukraine, Trump reiterated Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if he were president.

As gas prices rise well above $4 a gallon nationally, Biden is taking heat on both sides of the aisle for the rising costs. Trump said America has liquid gold beneath its feet. Yet, Biden wants to deal with dictators and terrorists in Venezuela and Iran. The former president added the Biden administration needed to revitalize American energy independence and American dominance.

Under Trump, the US was energy independent for the first time in decades.

So, what do you think? Is Trump right?

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