Trump Says Some Republicans Are Filled With “Hatred and Envy” of Him

Trump Says Republicans Are Filled With

Trump EXPOSES Top Republicans – Reveals What’s Happening Behind Closed Doors

( – Since former President Donald Trump left office, he’s been at odds with numerous people in the GOP who once held significant sway within the conservative movement. Trump’s latest ire is directed against former Reagan official and media pundit Peggy Noonan. On Sunday afternoon, June 26, the former president revealed his feelings about Noonan and other Republicans who he claims feel “hatred and envy” towards him.

In 2016, then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump created the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement within the conservative camp. Still, the 45th president doesn’t appear to have patience towards those who insist his time has come and gone. On Sunday, he called Republican in Name Only (RINO) pundits “nasty” and “jealous” of his accomplishments.

He claimed they’re not very smart and don’t serve our country well in advancing conservative policies. In particular, Trump hit Noonan hard with criticisms and called RINOs “foolish” and “stupid” people who live in an era that no longer exists.

Recently, Noonan has been vocal against Trump. On Thursday, she wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the January 6 commission could force Trump to call for mercy. She said the GOP was rejecting Trump’s leadership. Three days later, Noonan insinuated that Republicans should use the abortion victory to move away from Trump and start helping women during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” She also recently declared that Trump would lose in 2024 if Republicans decided to nominate him again.

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