Trump Says We Are “Witnessing a Holocaust”

Trump Says We Are

( – Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the situation in Ukraine during a recent interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. Trump voiced his displeasure with the current administration’s handling of the crisis, saying the scene in Eastern Europe is “like a holocaust.”

President Joe Biden’s response is weak and ineffective, according to his predecessor. Trump once again made it clear Russian President Vladimir Putin would have never invaded Ukraine on his watch. Had it happened, Trump says his response would have been far different than Biden’s.

Trump bases his reason for his confident position in American oil. Bartiromo asked the former President whether the US should hit Russia’s oil supplies with sanctions. If he were still President, Trump said we’d simply stop buying Russian oil and offer US oil to other countries. He contends if Biden were to “open it up,” the US would “make a fortune.”

“It’s liquid gold under our feet,” said Trump, pointing out one major advantage the US has over other countries, such as China, is our abundance of oil. He suggested opening the pipelines and allowing exploration again, something the Biden administration regulates heavily.

Trump turned again to the situation on the ground in Ukraine, noting the brutal targeting of civilians. He’s also convinced, as are others, the real casualty numbers are far higher than reported.

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