Trump Set to Challenge Liz Cheney

Trump Set to Challenge Liz Cheney

( – Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was a rising star in the Republican Party not that long ago. Liz is the daughter of longtime Washington politician, Defense Secretary, and Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney. She proudly carried his name as she developed her own conservative brand. Then, in 2018, voters elected Cheney as Wyoming’s lone Congressperson. Stardom was knocking on her door, and in no time, Republicans installed her into the GOP House leadership. Then something happened.

She came up against Donald Trump. Cheney became an avowed and extremely rare anti-Trump Republican. She often spoke out against the former president and voted to impeach Trump after the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Her polls tanked, and the Wyoming Republican Party rebuked her in May for her controversial vote to impeach Trump. Now, she has a primary challenger. Guess who’s lining up to support Harriet Hageman as she seeks to unseat Cheney? You got it – Donald Trump.

The former president is making good on his promise to help replace the outspoken Republican who’s fallen from grace. GOP political insiders expect Trump will announce his endorsement and support of Hageman soon. After all, his political team recruited her to challenge Cheney.

It could be a crowded field. Trump supporters are encouraging the Wyoming GOP to coalesce around Hageman to ensure Cheney’s defeat. Trump spokesman Jason Miller said defeating Cheney is one of Trump’s highest priorities in 2022.

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