Trump Slams Haley for Nevada Defeat

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a recent turn of events, former President Trump expressed his criticism towards Nikki Haley following her less than stellar outcome in the Nevada primary, where she was essentially bested by the option “none of these candidates.” This peculiar situation arose because Haley, having served as the U.N. ambassador during Trump’s presidency, found herself without direct competition in the primary. The ballot featured her name alongside the unusual choice of “none of these candidates” and several contenders who had already withdrawn from the race.

Trump is set to engage in the state’s caucuses, which are scheduled for Thursday, marking a division in the primary contests due to a disagreement between Nevada’s state authorities and the state’s GOP.

In this primary, Haley secured just under a third of the total votes, a significant portion of Nevada’s electorate—about 63%—opted for “none of these candidates,” dealing a symbolic setback to her campaign aspirations. The primary did not result in the allocation of any delegates.

Trump took to Truth Social to comment on Haley’s performance, highlighting the nearly 30-point gap between her and the non-committal option, and insinuating that she might prematurely declare victory, referencing her previous concession speech in New Hampshire where she spun an 11-point loss into a narrative of exceeding expectations.

Haley chose not to directly address the Nevada results, instead sharing an optimistic message about the privilege of living in America, accompanied by patriotic symbols on her social media.

Looking ahead, Haley’s campaign is concentrating its resources on the upcoming South Carolina primary on February 24, eyeing a win in her home state as a critical opportunity to demonstrate her viability against Trump for the Republican nomination. Despite mounting pressure to concede and support Trump, particularly as a potential general election face-off with President Biden looms, Haley remains in the race. Nevertheless, she faces a daunting challenge, lagging behind Trump by approximately 30 points in South Carolina, where she once served as governor.

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