Trump Supporter Deaths From Drugs Appear “Intentional”

Trump Supporter Deaths From Drugs Appear

Pro-Trump DEATHS Look “Intentional” – Details Released!

( – As the border crisis continues to rage on, the Drug Enforcement Administration sent a letter to state and local officials warning that fentanyl was killing Americans at an unprecedented rate. It’s an issue Republicans are blaming on President Joe Biden’s unwillingness to crack down on illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug trafficking at the US southern border. Ahead of the Ohio primary election on Friday, April 29, Trump-endorsed US Senate candidate JD Vance said the border crisis didn’t just affect southern states. Instead, it’s impacting the entire nation.

Vance said that the administration intentionally allowed illegal immigration and deadly drugs such as fentanyl to flow over the border. He said that if Biden wanted to harm those who didn’t vote for him, keeping the border wide-open was one way to get rid of MAGA voters in the heart of the country. Vance said that people dying from deadly drugs doesn’t tell the entire story. He said grandparents unexpectedly take care of their grandkids after fentanyl takes their children’s lives.

On Tuesday, May 3, the Associated Press declared Vance the winner of a hotly contested seven-way US Senate race in Ohio. During his victory speech, Vance thanked former President Donald Trump for helping him get over the finish line. The Republican nominee said his victory sent a clear message to establishment Republicans on what kind of country Ohio wants moving forward.

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