Trump Tears Down Biden’s Policies; Says He Was Right All Along


Trump Makes Policy Claim – “I Was Right”

( – On Wednesday, May 4, President Joe Biden said the MAGA political movement was the most extreme trend witnessed in recent American history. Former President Donald Trump responded on Thursday by saying Biden’s comments were divisive and full of misinformation. However, Trump said MAGA was actually saving America.

Biden’s statement couldn’t have come at a better time for the 45th president. In a Tuesday interview on CBN, Trump said everything he had said was right. During his administration, America became energy independent. Thanks to Biden’s policies, America is dependent again on foreign oil. For years, Trump said America needed to control its borders as he built part of the wall and shut down massive streams of illegal immigration. Under Biden, illegal immigrants are streaming into the country.

Trump didn’t end there. The former president said he was a strong pro-evangelical president. In contrast, Trump said Biden stands against everything Christians stand for, and no one did more for Christianity than him. During the debates, he said some questioned if that was true, but not anymore. Now, Trump is saying that many thought he was the best at understanding the changing environment, and that many people want him back in the White House.

Trump said America is in a different world than nearly 18 months ago when he left office. He said that common sense and religion would eventually shut down the current administration.

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