Trump Wants Mike Pence Officially Investigated

Trump Wants Mike Pence Officially Investigated

( – President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were not on good terms when they left office on January 20, 2021. Only 14 days before, the president wanted his vice president to overturn the 2020 Electoral College and refuse to certify Joe Biden’s path to victory until the officials could sort out fact from fiction regarding voter fraud and state-induced voter irregularities. Despite Trump’s request, Pence didn’t believe he had the Constitutional authority to overturn the election, so he certified the Electoral College result.

On Tuesday, February 1, Trump released a statement, doubling down on his assertion the vice president can unilaterally overturn an Electoral College result by not placing his signature on the certifying document. The former president also didn’t spare House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi (D-CA). He blamed her for the January 6 riot for not ensuring the Capitol building’s security with a heavy enough police and law enforcement presence.

Trump concluded his statement by demanding a Congressional investigation into both Pence and Pelosi. He wants to know why Pence didn’t send back Electoral College votes for recertification by states. Regarding Pelosi, he would like to understand why the Speaker did a poor job of overseeing the Hill’s security.

Almost certainly, America will hear more from Donald Trump on these issues.

Stay Tuned.

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