Trump Wants to Face Hillary Again

Trump Wants to Face Hillary Again

( – Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton can’t let 2016 go. In a recent interview, she tried to warn voters of the consequences of electing Donald Trump again as it appears the former president may run in 2024. Like many Democrats, she said he probably wouldn’t be held accountable for much of anything, and if he wins; it would be the end of American democracy. The former First Lady also stated if Trump wins and has a Republican Congress, the GOP would do his bidding, and no one would recognize the country.

On Sunday, December 19, Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump what he thought of Hillary’s statement and his opinion if she ran again. The former president said he would love a rematch and the chance to defeat her a second time.

Will it happen? Trump said he didn’t know but would like that opportunity as he reminded viewers she’s crooked. The 45th president said she was responsible for spying on his presidential campaign, which led to a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investigation.

Trump finished his statement by saying they went nuts over the spying issue because he was right — it happened. He concluded by suggesting the country needs to see what happens… including waiting to see what happens to Hunter Biden.

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