Trump’s Breakthrough With Hispanics Could Doom the Democrat Party

Trump's Breakthrough With Hispanics Could Doom the Democrat Party

Trump Has BREAKTHROUGH – This Could Hand HimĀ 2024!

( – Democratic strategist Ruy Teixeira co-wrote one of the most influential books in American politics in the early 2000s. He believed the demographic changes in America led by a rising Hispanic population would ensure the Democratic Party would become the majority party in America. Yet, it didn’t materialize the way he anticipated. Instead, the political strategist is sounding the alarms and telling Democrats people of color are moving quickly toward the GOP.

Many political analysts attribute the rise of Hispanic Republicans to former President Donald Trump. In 2016, he earned an unprecedented share of their vote, and in 2020, he increased the margin even more. Polls continue to show that Republicans are making inroads. They cite a specific strategy for persuading Hispanic voters to their side, perhaps dooming the Democratic Party’s aspirations.

Trump Helps GOP Breakthrough With Hispanics

In 2020, the former president may have lost the electoral vote, but he accomplished something few Republicans before him did. He earned the highest share of the Latino vote of any GOP presidential nominee since 2004. In Texas, he won 41% of the Hispanic vote and 46% of it in Florida.

The emerging shift has been noticeable. It’s not just limited to Texas and Florida. The former president also attracted a growing number of Hispanic voters in Arizona, California, and New York. The Wall Street Journal reported that President Joe Biden’s high inflation problem is helping create a more favorable impression of Republicans among Hispanics. Latinos appear to be changing perceptions that it isn’t socially okay to support GOP candidates. That could extend to other states, including Colorado and Nevada.

Still, while Trump may have helped the needle, Democrats have done their share of damage to their appeal among Hispanics.

Some Hispanics Say Democratic Party Values Don’t Align With Theirs

As the Democratic Party continues to move to the hard-left, it may hurt them among Hispanic voters. Many say they are aligning more with Republicans when it comes to faith and family values.

If the shift continues, it could harm Democrats’ aspirations of becoming a dominant political party. While the Democratic Party becomes more white and affluent, the GOP is trending to become more diverse and working-class.

Republicans have been working hard to earn the Hispanic vote. Across the country, the Republican National Committee has opened Hispanic Community Centers to engage with people through community events instead of political ones. They hold movie nights, recreation events, and religious services. Republicans credit the tactic for helping conservative candidates win recent elections in Texas and Arizona.

So, will the GOP breakthrough even more with this critical group in less than eight weeks?

We’ll soon find out.

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