Trump’s Devastating Message To Biden On Southern Border

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump during a rally in Conway, South Carolina on Saturday argued that the Republican party was going to destroy President Biden over the “disastrous open borders bill.” 

During the rally, which was aired live on Newsmax and the streaming platform, Newsmax2, Trump pointed out that the state’s early voting starts on Monday and that people needed to go out and vote. He added that the most important thing right now was for them to send a signal ahead of the general election in November. Trump then argued that they wanted a big win in order to signal that they would be fighting to win the country back from those that were destroying it which is why people needed to go out and vote on Monday. 

Trump also started by slamming Biden and noting how his effective border security policies had failed. Trump presented this as a “massive victory” which should be celebrated by all conservatives as they had “crushed” Biden over his horrible policies. He also praised Speaker Mike Johnson and the rest of Congress for having done very well. 

During the rally, Trump argued that this had helped save the United States from another betrayal by Biden and argued that he did not believe that the President knew what he was doing. He added that the $118 billion Senate border bill was not necessary as Trump argued that bringing back his border policies would solve the problems at the border without any additional spending being required. 

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