Trump’s MAGA Base Prepares For War

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( – Far-right Christian nationalist political movement ReAwaken America is hosting a two-day Las Vegas event. Clay Clark, a far-right entrepreneur, hosted a pro-Trump rally during which many speakers suggested that God was calling for Americans to “raise an army” and argued that the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement was in a war against the rest of the nation.

The guests of the ReAwaken America even included anti-vaccine activist and human rights attorney Leigh Dundas and the President of Latinos for Trump, Bianca Garcia.

On Friday, they both delivered speeches during the event and used the rhetoric about the political and spiritual war they were currently facing as a movement. According to the sayings, Dundas stated that if one provides funds to a non-profit that ends up firing at the enemy and missing, then the next step would be to “recalibrate.”

She then shouted that when faced with an enemy attack, the only thing to do was to stand up and fight against the enemy’s oppression. As she pointed out, the only wrong thing you can do is do nothing. Throughout the speech, she repeatedly asked, “Are we at war?” which led to the large crowd shouting, “Yes!”

Garcia also started her speech by arguing that when God calls for you to “be a light in the dark, to raise an army and to hold pastors accountable, ” you have a movement that others cannot understand. He added that in 2016, everyone claimed that Trump would not be getting the Latino vote but he did. She further claimed that if Latinos were given more exposure, he would get 60 percent of the vote.

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