Trump’s Pipeline Prediction Just Became Real

Trump's Pipeline Prediction Just Became Real

( – As Russia invades Ukraine, much of Europe could face an energy crisis of its own making. In 2018, Germany and several other European nations decided to support a 700-mile long pipeline from Russia known as Nord Stream 2. Its purpose was to provide natural gas to Germany, and in turn, the Germans would sell some to their neighbors. Then-President Donald Trump warned them it was a wrong decision and would give the Russians billions upon billions of dollars and that it would not be good for NATO.

In 2021, President Joe Biden reversed Trump’s position on Nord Stream 2 and gave the Germans the full blessing they needed to pump natural gas from Russia. It now appears that once again, Trump was vindicated. Leading up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Biden said that if Russian President Vladimir Putin followed through on his plans, he would ensure that Nord Stream 2 was cut off. On Wednesday, February 23, Germany announced they were ending their arrangement with Russia as part of a sanctions package.

Many in Europe fear there could be a severe energy crisis as Germany’s energy future is in doubt. Despite Nord Stream 2’s cutoff, there are reports that Nord Stream 1 is still pumping Russian gas into Germany and Europe.

How long will that supply line remain open?

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