Trump’s Plane Makes Forced Landing After Emergency Reported by Pilot

Trump's Plane Makes Forced Landing After

( – On Saturday, March 5, former President Donald Trump delivered a speech before a Republican National Committee (RNC) fundraiser in New Orleans. True to form, he didn’t hold back his thoughts or opinions on a wide variety of topics, including bombing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Exciting donors, the former president said he was very strongly considering another run at the White House in 2024. Despite all of the enthusiasm surrounding that declaration, it might not have been the high point of Trump’s evening.

After departing from New Orleans for Mar-a-Lago on his private Boeing 757, one of the engines failed over the Gulf of Mexico. The pilot said the aircraft was climbing at approximately 28,000 feet and was about 30 minutes into the flight when the engine failure occurred. The problem forced the pilot to return to New Orleans. Audio of the communications between the pilot and air traffic control suggested the situation was an emergency.

Once on the ground, the RNC worked feverishly to secure a plane for Trump from a donor. Fortunately, Trump left soon after and arrived home at Mar-a-Lago around 3 am Sunday.

Trump was flying on what’s affectionately known as Trump Force One. The Boeing 757 with the Trump brand was made famous during the 2016 presidential campaign. On Wednesday, a fundraising email teased the construction of a new plane for the former president was under wraps. The email added Trump couldn’t wait to reveal it for all to see.

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