Trump’s Remain in Mexico Is Back

Trumps Remain in Mexico Is Back

( – In 2019, former President Donald Trump initiated the Remain in Mexico immigration policy. On Joe Biden’s first day in office, he terminated the controversial program that some believed helped minimize illegal immigration on the nation’s southern border. The policy forced migrants to stay in Mexico until a US immigration judge could hear their asylum claims.

Now, the Department of Homeland Security is bringing the program back to comply with a court order requiring the Biden administration to reinstitute the program. The program is similar to the original, except the US government will offer COVID-19 vaccination to migrants.

The administration plans to initially apply the Remain in Mexico program to single adult asylum seekers. They account for the majority of those who cross the border illegally. The re-initiation of the policy is likely to anger the far-left Squad, who believes the policy is inhumane and advocates for open border policies.

In August, District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk determined the Biden administration broke the law when the president terminated the program. The Department of Justice immediately asked the Supreme Court to step in. Justice Alito initially ruled in Biden’s favor, but four days later, the Supreme Court upheld Kacsmaryk’s ruling and told the administration to reinstate Remain in Mexico, pending cooperation with the Mexican government. Despite the re-implementation of the policy, the administration is still fighting it in court.

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