Trump’s Son Wants Him to Replace Biden at NATO Summit

Trump's Son Wants Him to Replace Biden at NATO Summit

( – As the Russian war against Ukraine headed into its third week of hostilities, European leaders scheduled a time to meet to strategize how to move forward. On Tuesday, March 15, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed President Joe Biden would travel to Belgium on March 24 to meet face-to-face with European leaders. NATO members expect to discuss steps to curb Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, including imposing more sanctions and offering humanitarian support to Ukrainians.

Donald Trump Jr. expressed skepticism that Biden was the right person for the job. The former president’s oldest son said his father should meet with European leaders instead of Biden. Trump Jr. said the president would only embolden Russia even more. He added if the US and NATO want to get something done right, they should send Trump.

When Trump entered office in 2017, he criticized NATO countries for not contributing the agreed-upon funds to the military alliance. The former president said it wasn’t fair or right that the United States contributed its share to the alliance, but few others did the same. Ultimately, he exerted enough pressure to encourage countries to up their contributions to the military alliance.

If Trump hadn’t forced NATO members’ hands, would it have the strength to stand up to Russia today?

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