Trump’s “Truth Social” App Expected to Be Huge


( – In the 1980s, many thought that AM radio was a relic of the past. Then Rush Limbaugh stormed the airwaves with a unique take on politics with a conservative and entertaining twist. In the 1990s, Fox News arrived on the scene. The conservative channel skyrocketed to the top of the cable ratings and never looked back. Neither outlet ever set a goal of replacing their liberal competitors. That’s not numerically possible. What they did do was supplant them.

On President’s Day, former President Trump’s new media company launched Truth Social, its new social media platform. As expected, the response was phenomenal. Truth Social is an alternative to far-left woke tech giants who censure conservative voices and banned Trump and other conservatives from their platforms. When Truth Social launched on Apple’s App Store on Monday, February 21, it skyrocketed to the number one spot for free downloads.

Like any new platform, challenges will occur, and that’s certainly true of Truth Social. Company officials say the new social media site will be fully operational by the end of March, perhaps sooner.

Will it overtake Twitter? It doesn’t have to do that to be successful. Already, a number of other conservative platforms popped up over the last year. One of them is Gettr, and its global communications director Ebony Bowden said that Trump’s new platform is good for everyone. She said it helps all the conservative sites grow together and be successful.

So, what do you think?

Will you be joining Truth Social?

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