Tucker Carlson Calls Out Taylor Lorenz Over Her Hypocrisy

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Taylor Lorenz Over Her Hypocrisy

Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Taylor Lorenz – Here’s How!

(TheRedWire.com) – On Tuesday, April 19, Washington Post Columnist Taylor Lorenz published an article exposing the woman’s name behind the popular Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok. Not only did the reporter name the anonymous account owner, but she also included personal information, including real estate documents and an address. Conservatives alleged the reporter doxxed the account owner for sharing videos of Leftists in their own words. Now, Conservatives are pushing back on Lorenz’s article.

On Wednesday, April 27, Fox News host Tucker Carlson reveled in a Times Square billboard from popular YouTuber Tim Pool and Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing. The billboard mocks the Washington Post motto that democracy dies in the dark. It says that’s why we’re shining a light on you. Carlson said Lorenz predictably claimed the billboard victimized her. The Fox News host added that it was okay for Lorenz to expose the owner of Libs of Tik Tok, but if you say her name, you’re a terrorist.

Regardless of the facts, the Washington Post defended Lorenz. Senior Managing Editor Cameron Barr said the reporter is diligent and accomplished, and reported the story per their professional standards. After the Post released Lorenz’s article, journalist and attorney Glenn Greenwald noted that once the reporter received criticism, she would claim the victim card. Anyone criticizing her would be guilty of wreaking trauma on Lorenz.

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