Tucker Carlson Issues Message to Fox Stars Who Quit Over Him

Tucker Carlson Issues Message to Fox Stars Who Quit Over Him

(TheRedWire.com) – In early November, Fox News streaming service, Fox Nation, released a Tucker Carlson special about the January 6 incident at the nation’s capital. The narrative that unfolded after that incident became controversial almost from the start. On the one hand, Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans politicized the Capitol Hill riot in hopes they would benefit politically. On the other hand, those who support former President Trump believed it was just more of the same from those who sought to hurt the former president from 2017 until his final days in office.

On November 1, Fox Nation released the first episode of its three-part series titled Patriot Purge. Tucker Carlson offered a hard-hitting look at what he believed happened on that fateful day. The popular Fox News host asked viewers to consider an alternative perspective and suggested what occurred on that day was not an insurrection. It appears two Fox News Conservatives disagreed with Carlson’s view. So, they asked Fox News to release them from their contracts. Tucker said their departures were great news.

Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg are leading Conservatives who contributed to numerous Fox News news shows. The pundits have regularly appeared on the network since 2009. The two Conservatives said Carson’s program went too far for them. The two men said they disagreed with the premise of Carlson’s controversial program, stating it was full of misinformation that could lead people to act inappropriately.

Carlson swiftly pushed back on the two men. On November 22, he posted an image promoting Patriot Purge on his Twitter page. His tweet referred to the mini-series as “the Documentary… that drove Goldberg to an impotent rage.”

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