Tucker Carlson Says It’s Time to Remove Biden From Power

Tucker Carlson Says It's Time to Remove Biden From Power

(TheRedWire.com) – America heard a lot about the 25th Amendment in 2019 and 2020. Democrats alleged former President Donald Trump wasn’t fit for office. They pleaded with cabinet members and Vice President Mike Pence to remove him from office using the Constitutional Amendment. Needless to say, Pence didn’t bite on the offer. Now, President Joe Biden is in office, and some question who’s really in charge of the administration. Biden often makes contradictory comments, and at least one news personality says it may be time to evoke the 25th Amendment for a legitimate reason.

On Monday, March 28, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Joe Biden’s erratic behavior should alarm all Americans. Over the weekend, it culminated in Biden appearing to call for regime change in Russia. On Monday, the president said he never called for such a thing. Biden claimed he was simply expressing his moral outrage, reportedly from a cheat sheet.

Carlson said Biden’s words and contradictions pose a national security threat to the United States. He said nobody is trying to be mean to the president or make fun of his age and mental state. Cable’s top news host said his view was about protecting America.

The odds of Vice President Kamala Harris or the Cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment are slight to none. Still, if Biden continues to make outlandish statements that the White House needs to clean up, is it possible?

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