Tucker Carlson Schools Dr. Fauci

(TheRedWire.com) – The nation’s supposed top infectious disease doctor is refusing to answer basic questions. In fact, the common sense questions Fox News Host Tucker Carlson asked prompted Dr. Anthony Fauci to say that Carlson is a conspiracy theorist. Yet, it’s Fauci who continually moves the goalposts and has admitted to lying to the public.

The 80-year-old infectious disease doctor directs the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and consults with the president as his chief medical advisor. However, in 2020, Fauci and the former President didn’t see eye-to-eye often as the president tried to balance the nation’s economy and health.

Locking down America indefinitely and forcing even vaccinated individuals to exist as if they never got the shot appears to be Fauci’s focus. After Fauci attacked Tucker Carlson on CNN, the Fox News host seemed to have had enough and decided it was time to school Fauci.

Will Fauci Ever Answer Basic Questions?

Fauci seems content with labeling people like Tucker Carlson conspiracy theorists. Why? Carlson is a believer in science and supports vaccinations. He’s far from an anti-vaxxer. Carlson’s point is that science and vaccines work — and that may be the best-kept secret in the United States.

How do we know this?

While Fauci protests that he doesn’t know what Carlson is talking about, the host asks the questions that lead viewers to realize that the vaccine is apparently a secret to people like Fauci, who want to control people’s lives. All the Fox News host needs to do is look at President Joe Biden’s and Dr. Fauci’s behaviors and words and ask a few basic questions.

For example:

  • Why does Fauci say people need to wear a mask after being vaccinated?
  • Is Fauci telling vaccine recipients they have no protection against future infections and that the vaccines don’t work?
  • Is that why Americans can’t resume their lives, eat at restaurants, or go to bars?
  • If that’s not the case, and if the vaccines do work, why won’t Dr. Fauci come on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the science with him?

Some suggest that Fauci’s contradictions and heavy-handed approach to the pandemic are signs his authority went to his head. The truth is, Fauci doesn’t decide anything about what people can and can’t do. Only elected leaders and the US Constitution should guide people’s lives.

It’s a good thing America has smart people like Tucker Carlson, who ask the right questions, and school people like Dr. Fauci.

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