Tuohy Family Attorney Claims Oher Demanded $15M and Threatened Negative Press

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – A legal representative for Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy made a startling revelation, claiming that ex-NFL star Michael Oher tried to pressurize the Tuohy family with a negative media story unless they coughed up $15 million.

Marty Singer, a prominent lawyer from California, countered the accusations from Oher aimed at the Tuohy family regarding their conservatorship, labeling such claims as “baseless and hurtful.”

“It’s clear to any rational observer that Michael Oher’s accusations against the Tuohys are misleading and damaging. Suggesting that the Tuohys have ever attempted to exploit financially Mr. Oher is not just hurtful, but also patently false,” he expressed.

Singer further stated, “Through dedication and successful ventures, especially in the restaurant industry, Sean and Leigh Anne have amassed significant wealth. The implication that such a financially secure couple would be deceitful over minor profit shares, especially with someone they regard as family, is ludicrous.”

Oher, a first-round pick for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL Draft, initiated a legal process in Tennessee to dissolve the 2004 conservatorship. He made a shocking revelation in February 2023 that he was never legally adopted by the family.

Oher further contended that he had been misled into believing the conservatorship was akin to adoption due to his age. He also argued that the Tuohys benefited substantially from the 2009 movie, “The Blind Side,” whereas he did not.

However, the family’s legal counsel rebuffed this, stating Oher was given “an equal share of all earnings” from the film, which exceeded $300 million.

Singer elucidated, “When the idea to adapt Michael Lewis’s book on Oher and the Tuohys into a film emerged, the financial agreement included a modest initial payment and a small percentage of the net profits. The Tuohys ensured any profit was split evenly and adhered to this agreement.”

Moreover, Singer highlighted Oher’s alleged intent to tarnish the Tuohys’ image unless they settled him with $15 million.

In a related development, Sean “SJ” Tuohy Jr., Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy’s biological son, in a conversation with Barstool Sports, hinted at potential evidence from 2020 and 2021 where Oher may have known he wasn’t legally adopted and hinted at public revelations.

In the past exchanges, he shared, “Around 2020, 2021, there were insinuations like, ‘Offer me this sum, and I’ll keep matters private.’ But its authenticity is uncertain.”

Singer emphasized that the Tuohys have always been transparent about the origins and reasons for the conservatorship and would support Oher if he wishes to end it.

He concluded, “The Tuohys hold deep affection for Mr. Oher and are devastated by these recent developments. They earnestly hope for reconciliation in the future and that Oher re-evaluates his actions. However, they remain steadfast in safeguarding their reputation and opposing this distressing legal battle.”

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