Twix Releases Ad Featuring Boy Wearing a Dress

Twix Releases Ad Featuring Boy Wearing a Dress

( – A new Twix commercial is generating a ton of controversy on both sides of the political spectrum. Over the last few years, corporations have become more comfortable wading into controversial social subjects. The most current one involves the candy maker seemingly treading into the transgender issue. Some question the need for the controversy, and others suggest Twix might be endorsing bullying.

The Halloween commercial may express the sentiment everyone should enjoy the right to be themselves. For some, it was a trick, and for others, a treat. The commercial focuses on a child and his nanny. The Halloween theme shows the adult caretaker dressed as a witch-like figure with magical powers. The young boy, dressed in a princess gown, tells another boy dressing this way makes him feel good. At the end of the ad, the nanny uses her magic to blow the one boy away after he calls them “weird.”

The commercial received thousands of likes and over a hundred thousand views on Twitter. While some people loved the ad, others expressed concerns it celebrated bullying after decades of non-bullying initiatives.

Some even questioned what the message had to do with Twix. Often, corporations bank on a ton of free publicity when they create controversial ads. Many will remember the ad, and those viewing it favorably may be inclined to purchase Twix to support the viewpoint depicted in the advertisement.

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