U.S. Pentagon Taking Action After Haiti Assassination

U.S. Pentagon Taking Action After Haiti Assassination

(TheRedWire.com) – Jovenel Moïse, the Haitian President, was killed while in his home on Wednesday, July 7. Haiti’s interim leadership requested the United States’ help to keep the peace as they navigate the transition of power. Here’s what the Pentagon had to say about the situation.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the Pentagon, stated they’re aware of and analyzing the request from Haiti. He claimed it’s the same process used for any request for help from the Pentagon. An interagency evaluation team consisting in large part of FBI and Homeland Security agents has been deployed to the Haitian capital according to Kirby.

Kirby went on to explain that the incident in Port-au-Prince is not a threat to US national security. However, he explained, Haiti and its stability and security are of great interest to the US, and the team had been sent to help with the investigation and make recommendations about the next steps the Haitian government might consider.

Thus far, Haitian police have arrested 21 people, including 18 Columbians and three Haitian-Americans. Three Columbians have been killed evading custody, and five more are still considered at large and being sought for questioning. Haitian authorities currently suspect one of the Haitian-Americans, Emmanuel Sanon of Miami, of masterminding the assassination.

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