U.S. School District Forced To Apologize To Muslim Group

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) –  A school district in New Jersey has issued an apology after they offended a Muslim activist group following a class quiz that a school teacher had given to students in which the Islamic State, known as ISIL or ISIS, was referenced as a terror group. 

The superintendent’s office of the Wayne Township Public Schools released a statement in which it noted that the question had been “inappropriate” and offensive. It added that it went against the values of inclusivity and cultural sensitivity that they were trying to promote. 

In the letter, it was also noted that there had been a complaint made by “Teaching While Muslim” (TWM) an activist group on social media regarding the question which appeared on a quiz at Schuyler-Colfax Middle School. 

The group states on its website that it is a network of Muslim educators who are looking to fight against discrimination and institutional racism. They had shared on Instagram a post of the question that one teacher had asked her seventh-grade students. 

The post argued that there have been repeatedly seen cases of anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiments in schools and that they should not allow that to continue. 

A Congressional research document had previously defined the Islamic State as a “terrorist group.” During its height in 2015, the group controlled large parts of Syria and Iraq. 

In the apology letter, the superintendent noted that this quiz is not a reflection of the standards of their school district and that an investigation has been launched into this. 

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