Unbelievable Video of Obama SLAMMING GOP Senator – It Gets Ugly

Obama Goes Viral in Attack on GOP Senator

Obama Goes Viral in Attack on GOP Senator

(TheRedWire.com) – As the election comes down to the wire, former President Barack Obama is on the campaign trail to help salvage Democrats’ hopes of maintaining their fragile majorities in the House and Senate. On Saturday, October 29, Obama campaigned for US Democratic Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes (D-WI), whose running against Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). On Sunday, a video clip of the ex-president went viral on social media.

In August, Johnson told supporters the government wasn’t properly managing Social Security and said 70% of the federal budget was on autopilot with no oversight. He warned the program could go bankrupt and that Congress needed to address the program’s funding mechanisms and require regular evaluations. In 2021, the Social Security Administration noted that after 2033, it wouldn’t have the financial resources to pay its full benefit programs.

Now, Obama is using Social Security as a weapon. In the viral video, the former president suggested those on the retirement plan faced losing it if Republicans like Johnson held power in Congress. He said people worked hard, tirelessly, and painfully for their Social Security payments and that some in attendance were using the program, and others had parents on it. He said if the Senator didn’t understand and didn’t want to ensure seniors could retire with dignity and respect, he wasn’t the right candidate for the job.

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