US Embassy at the Vatican Flies Flag Supporting Gay Pride

US Embassy at the Vatican Flies Flag Supporting Gay Pride

U.S. Government Delivers ANTI-CATHOLIC Message – A Cheap Stunt!

( – Pride Month started on June 1 to celebrate members of the LGBTQ+ community. On that day, the US Embassy to the Holy See raised a rainbow flag on the same pole as the American flag outside the building for the second year in a row. In April 2021, Secretary of State Antony Blinken authorized the measure for US diplomatic outposts around the globe, however, some disagree with the display and believe it goes against traditional Catholic values.

While Pope Francis has not yet addressed the matter this year, in June 2021, he encouraged his followers to use the month of June to celebrate and promote the sanctity of marriage. He believes God intended the union to be between a man and a woman, “consecrated” by the maker of mankind. However, in the year prior, the pope welcomed those in the LGBTQ into the church “family,” saying they are children of God. He also said he supported civil unions between same-sex couples.

Seemingly, the Holy See’s views show he might not mind the US Embassy flying the pride flag for the month of June, although he hasn’t released a statement to that effect.

Others, like Lady Constance on Twitter, believe the flag pole should display a month of support for veterans instead of “inappropriately” displaying gay pride.

What do you think on this matter?

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