US Freedom Convoy Asks Donald Trump to Join Them

US Freedom Protesters Ask Donald Trump to Join Them

( – Organizers of a US version of the Canadian Trucker “Freedom Convoy” hope to attract a special guest: former President Donald Trump. The “MAGA Convoy,” named after Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” slogan, is slated to run from Los Angeles to Washington, DC, beginning on February 25.

Dion Cini, who organized Operation Flag Drop and Boaters for Trump, is the activist behind the MAGA Convoy. Cini told Newsweek he expects Trump and his sons will have plenty to say once the convoy gets rolling.

“Once we get a little bit of steam on this,” said Cini, “I’m sure President Trump, Junior, and Eric will all be speaking about what we’re trying to accomplish here.” Cini didn’t go so far as to promise any in-person appearances by the former First Family.

Trump is a vocal supporter of the Canadian Freedom rally. His new social media site, TruthSocial, offers Canadians a friendly place to gather with like-minded Americans interested in causes that further freedom and democracy. Trump released a statement, directly inviting the convoy to join him on the platform.

“TruthSocial is announcing today that we are welcoming the Freedom Convoy with open arms,” the statement said. Trump included a message to the big tech companies letting them know, once again, he won’t be silenced.

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