US Governor Says Biden Is Living in a Disconnected World

U.S. Governor Says Biden is Living in a

( – On Monday, March 7, President Joe Biden announced the United States would no longer purchase oil from Russia. Instead, the president turned to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela to replace Russia’s oil supplies. Over the last week, gasoline prices in the US climbed steeply as Russia continued its invasion of Ukraine and the West enacted stiff economic sanctions against Moscow.

American consumers have felt the pain at the pump every month since Biden took office on January 20, 2021. Immediately after assuming the Oval Office, Biden declared war on US energy companies, upholding a promise to the Left to combat global climate change. On Wednesday, March 9, during an appearance on Fox & Friends, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) criticized the president for living in a “disconnected world.”

Ricketts said Biden could have done numerous things to prevent America from becoming vulnerable to energy shortages. For starters, the governor hinted Biden could have supported US energy companies and friendlier countries close to home instead of Russia and OPEC. Ricketts said the Keystone XL pipeline would have meant energy security instead of the US being energy-dependent on nations hostile to American interests. Ricketts also said doing business with Canada would be preferable to dealing with Venezuela or Iran.

Energy experts expect gasoline prices to rise even more in the coming weeks. Still, Biden says Ukraine will benefit from American suffering.

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