US Navy Makes Child-Themed Video for Sailors About Gender Identity

US Navy Makes Child-Themed Video for Sailors About Gender Identity

US Navy Releases CHILD-THEMED Gender Identity Video

( – The US Navy has a clear military objective: to protect America at sea and deploy military resources around the world at a moment’s notice. In recent years, the LGBTQ+ community has declared June Pride month; this year, transgender issues have taken center stage across America.

The Navy appears to be embracing the social movement despite its military mission. Recently, the world’s most powerful Navy released an official four-minute video about gender-based pronouns and misgendering people.

Naval Undersea Warfare Center engineer Jony Rozon wore rainbow colors signifying LGBTQ+ colors in the training video. It’s the latest move by the military under President Joe Biden to create a more sensitive environment.

The official video stresses the importance of creating safe spaces for military members by using correct pronouns to avoid misgendering someone. They called it polite etiquette. In addition, if someone accidentally misgenders a fellow sailor, it’s okay to correct oneself and move on from the situation. The video stressed, above all else, the need for respect and inclusion.

It’s not the first controversial LGBTQ issue in the military. Summit News reported in early June that superiors ordered sailors to take a diversity hike while flying LGBT flags. Additionally, the Marine Corp posted an image of bullets in LGBT colors.

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