US Presidents Unite To Speak of Queen Elizabeth’s Passing

U.S. Presidents Unite To Speak of Queen Elizabeth's Passing

Ex-Presidents UNITE – Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and More!

( – Queen Elizabeth II lived an extraordinary life. Yet, she was never supposed to wear the crown. The throne didn’t run through her line until her uncle, Edward VIII, ceded the kingdom to her father so he could marry a divorced American. He chose love over country. Some would say Elizabeth chose both. Her father, King George VI, took the throne three years before World War II broke out. On February 6, 1952, the King died after a lung operation, and the princess ascended to the throne.

During her 70-year-reign, the longest in the history of the British monarchy, she met every US president except one. It started with Harry Truman, whom she met as a princess, and culminated with Joe Biden. The only one she didn’t meet in person was Lyndon Johnson. After the Queen passed away on Thursday, September 8, US presidents joined together through warm letters to celebrate her remarkable life.

US Presidents Write Letters of Condolences to Queen Elizabeth’s Subjects

The living former presidents wrote letters of condolences and shared some of their fondest memories of the former monarch. Each acknowledged her dignity, grace, and charisma. So, what did they say?

Former President Jimmy Carter extended his condolences to the UK, praising the Queen as an inspiration and joining the millions around the globe who mourn her loss.

Former President Bill Clinton acknowledged her strength during many turbulent periods. He praised the queen for her dignity and how she cared for the welfare of her people. He added that he and Hillary would always appreciate her kindness and efforts to deepen the UK’s special relationship with the United States.

Former President George W. Bush praised Queen Elizabeth as a woman of great “intellect, charm, and wit.” He said one of his fondest memories was spending time with her, and her corgis, at Buckingham Palace over tea. Additionally, Bush applauded the queen for leading the UK through dark times with confidence and resolve as she pushed for a brighter future.

Former President Barack Obama wrote a lengthy six-paragraph statement full of historical notes about her military service in World War II through the digital age. He said her reign was a beacon of hope for the nation and the world. He noted that Her Majesty meant a great deal to himself and Michelle and said she opened her arms to welcome them on the world stage with generosity.

Former President Donald Trump described how her passing and Great Britain’s loss saddened him and Melania, and he sent sincere condolences to the country and the Royal family. He noted her historic reign left a legacy of peace and prosperity.

President Joe Biden wrote that Queen Elizabeth was an extraordinary stateswoman of unmatched dignity whose constant presence enhanced the relationship between the United States and the UK.

The Queen’s funeral is expected to take place in a few weeks at Westminster Abbey. Buckingham Palace hasn’t confirmed a date. Until then, her coffin will travel throughout the UK, where citizens can offer their condolences.

While Charles is now officially the King, it may be several months before his official coronation ceremony.

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