US Senator Says Democrats Are About to Try to “Cheat”

U.S. Senator Says Democrats Are About to Try to

( – President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats falsely claimed that GOP-led states were passing racist voter reform laws to disenfranchise and suppress minority voters. Are their allegations true? On Wednesday, Democrats failed to convince all 50 Senators to carve out an exemption to the filibuster to pass voter reform laws that have nothing to do with voters but everything to do with changing election rules, making it easier for Democrats to cheat, according to one Senator.

On Sunday, January 16, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) blasted Democrats ahead of their effort to change the filibuster rules. He called the Democratic Party the anti-democracy party and said they only care about winning elections at all costs. To substantiate his claims, the conservative Florida Senator said Democrats:

  • Support packing the Supreme Court.
  • Don’t want voters to show identification when casting a ballot in person.
  • Don’t want voter signatures to match if utilizing mail-in-voting.
  • Support ballot harvesting.
  • Don’t want ballot boxes monitored to ensure voter integrity.

Scott has been a long-time opponent of the Democrat’s plans to change election rules. The popular Florida Senator has said Democrats don’t support laws making it easier to vote and harder to cheat because it’ll be more difficult for them to win elections if they do. Instead, Scott says the Left wants to upend America’s election system.

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