US Senator Says He’s Positive Drug Cartels Will Ramp Up Production

U.S. Senator Says He's Positive Drug Cartels Will Ramp Up Production

( – In late March, the Biden administration announced it was ending the public health code known as Title 42. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) created the program under former President Donald Trump in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It aimed to halt all illegal immigration to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The CDC says it will rescind the program effective May 23.

Some say that the administration’s push to terminate Title 42 acknowledges that the pandemic is over. Still, others are expressing concern that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants or more will storm the southern border. Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) told Fox Business host Stewart Varney that he’s sure that the drug cartels are boosting production of illegal drugs ahead of May 23.

Hagerty Express Deep Concerns About Terminating Title 42

On Tuesday, April 5, Sen. Hagerty told Fox Business that the Chinese Communist government and Mexican drug cartels are increasing production to all-time highs. He said that revoking Title 42 was an open invitation to illegal immigration that would allow drugs to stream across the border along with migrants and harm an untold number of Americans and kill American kids.

Hagerty added that the Border Patrol could only effectively process 5,000 illegal immigrants per day. It’s currently handling 7,000 to 8,000 of them. The Senator said that means they’re pulling agents out of the field to do administrative tasks, making it easier and more accessible for the drug cartels to cross into America with their deadly drugs.

The Senator noted that the cartels make multi-billions of dollars from illegal drug smuggling into the United States through the southern border. With help from the Chinese, they’re distributing the highly addictive killer, fentanyl.

Bipartisan Group of Senators Pushes Biden Administration to Keep Title 42

On Thursday, a group of bipartisan senators introduced a new bill that would force the Biden administration to keep Title 42 in place and stop the anticipated massive surge of illegal immigrants in late May when the program ends. Vulnerable Democrats fear the Biden decision will spark a political firestorm ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The White House told Axios that they sent Congress a proposal to invest in smart solutions on the border in the early days of the Biden administration. If Congress is serious about the immigration system, the administration said it should pass it and COVID funding.

On the floor of the Senate Wednesday, Hagerty said Title 42 is a tool that would save lives in every state and asked how much longer Congress would allow the Mexican drug cartels and Chinese communists to control the US immigration system?

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