US Soldiers May Soon Become Mind Readers


( – One of the most critical factors on the battlefield today is a quick, clear communication set up so that information efficiently goes where it will do the most good. And the United States Army has been looking at isolating areas of the human brain that allow soldiers in the field to silently and quickly “talk” to one another.

The idea revolves around using technology to decode signals emanating from the brain and transmitting them to something akin to a cell phone, sending that data to another person’s device, then uploading it into their brain. Experts believe the same impulses that, for example, allow a person to automatically move a joystick based on visual input from a screen might be digitalized and sent to another.

This technology isn’t like connecting two brains: It won’t allow people to talk to each other telepathically, hearing voices in each other’s heads. It might significantly shorten reaction times in life or death situations, however, saving countless lives.

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