US Troops Go Wild As Elon Musk Visits Them

U.S. Troops Go Wild as Elon Musk Visits Them

( – US military service academies often invite prominent people to come and speak to cadets. Recently, President Joe Biden made an appearance with US troops serving in Poland as part of the NATO force to dissuade Russian President Vladimir Putin from his war in Ukraine. Needless to say, the reception wasn’t as warm and cozy as the president might have liked. On Thursday, April 7, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk addressed aspiring cadets at the Air Force Academy and talked with them about their research projects. He spoke about the importance of innovation and interacted with the students.

When an Air Force officer introduced Musk to the cadets, they went wild with excitement. They clapped, stood, and even raised chairs above their heads. Musk’s visit to the Air Force Academy starkly contrasts with President Biden’s visit to Poland. Soldiers appeared unenthused and less than impressed with the 46th president as he ate pizza.

Many military members may remember Biden called them stupid bast**ds over their lack of enthusiasm. On another occasion, the president called a crowd of midshipmen at the Coast Guard Academy dull for not responding to his speech.

On the other hand, Musk is whipping up excitement among armed service members and in some conservative circles. Recently, he bought the majority stake in Twitter. Some speculate he might buy more and gain complete control of the company.

What do you think of Musk’s reception at the Air Force Academy?

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