US Won’t Send Diplomats to China for Winter Olympic Games

US Won’t Send Diplomats to China for Winter Olympic Games

( – Tensions between the US and Chinese governments continue growing over concerns about slave labor and other human rights issues. In November, Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai disappeared after accusing a retired senior Communist government official of sexual assault. The International Olympic Committee said it was in contact with Shuai, but refused to offer any other details. The Women’s Tennis Association says it might suspend events in China out of concern for the tennis player’s safety.

On Monday, December 6, the Biden administration announced a diplomatic boycott against the Chinese-hosted 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Although largely a symbolic measure, it could raise tensions between China and the West, especially if other countries follow suit. China warned the US not to politicize the Olympic games but didn’t say what repercussions might follow the US decision.

Beijing accused the US of grandstanding and said its actions tarnished the spirit of the Olympic Charter. The Chinese government added the US boycott was a political provocation and offensive to the Chinese people.

Under Biden’s Olympic boycott, the government would permit US athletes to participate in the Beijing Olympics. While the Chinese threw out heated hyperbole, they possibly intended to use the Olympic games to manipulate their citizens. If other nations join the US and actually restrict athletes from participating, it would erode the Chinese Communist Party from demonstrating it has broad international support to its people.

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