Vernon Jones Says Joe Biden Is “Compromised” Along With Hunter Biden

Vernon Jones Says Joe Biden Is

( – It sounds like a question one might find in elementary school: Who does the President of the United States represent? Of course, the answer is the American citizens, but there seems to be some doubt arising about how the man the Democratic Party put forth, Joe Biden, might answer.

Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine and China have finally come under scrutiny — conveniently ignored by the Liberal-biased media until well after the November 3, 2020 elections — along with his father’s possible involvement. This is not just some alt-Right conspiracy theory. Representative Vernon Jones (D-GA) has such deep concerns he said, “if” Joe Biden were to be sworn into office, he will call on the former VP to resign immediately.

Another issue, buried in both China and the United States, are statements by Professor Di Dongsheng, a highly placed member of the Asian Nation’s academia. He intimates that his country now has substantial influence at the highest level of America’s government. “If” (as Representative Jones put it) there is a Biden administration, there may be good reason to worry about the national security of America.

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