VIDEO: Lockheed Martin Unveils Jaw-Dropping New Supersonic Jet

Photo by Igor Karimov 🇺🇦 on Unsplash

( – Lockheed Martin has debuted its experimental X-59 supersonic aircraft with NASA. The aircraft was created to produce a “quieter sonic thump” rather than a sonic boom which would surpass sound speed and even reach up to Mach 1.4.

In an earlier report on Lockheed Martin and NASA’s collaboration, FOX Weather stated that they were planning to unveil an aircraft with a 29-foot wingspan and a 99-foot-long aircraft.

Greg Ulmer, the executive of Lockheed Martin claimed that the entire team had used their expertise to ensure the X-59’s success. He added that he was very proud of everyone involved who had helped make this historic moment a reality.

The next phase of the X-59 is to undergo integrated systems, taxi resting, and engine runs before it can take its first flight. NASA and the company have stated that they aim to complete those parts of the project later in the year.

Lockheed Martin pointed out that once the aircraft had been flight-tested, the supersonic flight would begin above the “populated areas” in the United States, and would provide the United States and international regulators with statistical data that would make it possible for quiet commercial supersonic flights to be approved.

Bob Pearce, a NASA official, argued that NASA was looking to open up new markets for American companies that would be beneficial to travelers from across the world. He added that this would show that there was a possibility of quiet commercial supersonic travel to be introduced in the future.


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