Virginia Students Prank the Local School Board

Virginia Students Prank the Local School Board

( – In the age of political correctness and during a time of extreme seriousness, a good prank is just what the doctor ordered. Throughout much of the 20th century, pranks were a right of passage. For those who watched 80’s comedy movies about teenage life, escapades were a dime a dozen.

There’s the classic movie where one school steals another school’s mascot. What about setting a bag of dog poop on fire and placing it in front of the door for unsuspecting homeowners to stomp out. It’s fair to say most teens made prank calls at some point. There’s no end to the pranks people play. Some are good-spirited fun, and others are mean capers intended to hurt someone.

In Virginia, one of the all-time great pranks against a school board recently went viral. Someone forwarded a list of fake but witty names of hopeful people who supposedly wanted to speak during the public comments portion of a school board meeting. So, how funny were the names? It starts innocently enough with Phil McKraken. Anyone can miss the nuance of that one. However, when it gets to Eileen Dover (I leaned over), the joke becomes apparent to most people. Unfortunately for the board president, he didn’t catch it, making it all the more hilarious.

What followed was a parody of names without a face. At some point, one would have thought someone on the board would notice people weren’t speaking up and put it together. Instead, the online world is enjoying a laugh. Over seven million people enjoyed the comical video.

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