Vladimir Putin’s Alarming Ukraine Endgame Should Scare Everyone

Vladimir Putin’s Alarming Ukraine Endgame Should Scare Everyone

(TheRedWire.com) – The longer Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war rages on against Ukraine, the worse things appear to look for the beleaguered leader. On Sunday, some media outlets reported the far superior Russian military was at a stalemate with Ukrainian forces. The news had some wondering what Putin would do next? Either he could back off and retreat, which is highly unlikely, or he could double down and use more advanced weaponry.

Analysts who have studied Putin openly wonder if he’ll resort to chemical or nuclear weapons to defeat Ukraine. The Russian president may already be using a false-flag operation to give him cover if he chooses to use chemical or nuclear weapons.

Recently, the media reported Cold War-era biolabs still existed in Ukraine. Ukraine has never hidden them or kept them secret, but most people didn’t widely know about them either. Through propaganda, Putin could turn and use chemical or nuclear weapons under the guise of their existing presence in the war-torn country.

Russian experts believe Putin will need to take drastic action to shore up support inside Russia. Still, if Putin uses biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons as a last resort to take Ukraine, there could be serious international blowback. Using such weapons, particularly under a false-flag operation, could even ignite a new world war according to some experts.

Is that a gamble Putin’s willing to make? Until it happens, nobody knows for certain. There are far more questions at the moment than there are answers.

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