Voters Boycott The Republican Party

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon has pushed for voters to stop supporting the Republican Party following the recent debt ceiling deal.

Following a week of negotiations, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a debt ceiling increase deal just in time to avoid having the country default on its debts. While the deal has passed through both the House and the Senate it has received a lot of criticism from both parties.

Democrats have opposed the provision that fast-tracks a new oil pipeline and Republicans have criticized the fact that very few of their demands were a part of the bill. Many conservatives have slammed the bill, including Bannon who in a recent segment of his podcast “War Room” claimed that all viewers needed to stop funding McCarthy and the Republican National Committee (RNC) following the recent debt ceiling deal.

He proceeded to tell all of his podcast listeners to “close your checkbooks,” and not give any more money to back McCarthy or the RNC.

Bannon also gave a statement to Newsweek in which he claimed that the deal was “dead on arrival” and a “total surrender” for McCarthy and that his position as Speaker should be questioned following this deal. As Bannon proceeded to point out this bill includes a $4 trillion increase without any spending cuts. He added that this will only help further fuel the debt problem because it does not include any limits on what could potentially be included in the debt ceiling.

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