Voters Made One Thing Crystal Clear This Election – Will Politicians Respond?

Midterm Proves America Is More Divided Than Ever

Midterm Proves America Is More Divided Than Ever

( – On Tuesday, November 8, Democrats tried to prove history wrong and retain their fragile majorities in the House and Senate. The election came as President Joe Biden remained deeply wounded in approval polls, inflation was eating away at the value of people’s money, crime was out of control in many big cities, and illegal immigration was rampant.

As the results continued to arrive, pundits expect Republicans to flip the House, albeit with a smaller margin than once thought. In the Senate, the razor-thin majority likely comes down to a runoff election on December 6 in Georgia. Still, voters have spoken, and they want a divided Congress to put a check on the Left’s agenda. One thing remains constant: America is more divided than ever, as evidenced by the election results.

America Divided

In the weeks leading up to election day, polls suggested a red wave was about to materialize and overtake Democrats. It didn’t happen in the numbers many believed it could have. The divisions showed up in the results once again, but the political winds are changing.

In 2020, Republicans in the House successfully defended their seats and flipped 14 Democratic ones. In a deep blue year, many pundits expected the GOP to lose seats. Instead, Democrats lost 13 House seats and saw their majority fall from 36 to 10. Some suggested that 2022 built on top of 2020 despite the GOP not winning by margins as large as they could have.

Still, in working-class communities of color, Conservatives made gains. In areas of New York, Republicans picked off four notoriously Democratic seats. In addition, North Carolina turned less purple and more red. In Florida, the GOP cleaned house and even won strong Democratic counties in and around Miami.

In places the GOP had a good chance of winning, they fell short. Democrats had a good night on the East Coast in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia suburbs. In Michigan, embattled Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) held on to her seat despite vulnerability from her extreme COVID-19 lockdowns.

What Was the Central Message?

At its core, the central message of the election was simple. Voters have grown weary of Biden’s reckless agenda and wanted a check on Democratic control of Washington, DC, which gave the president almost unfettered unaccountability.

Results showed that in many areas, voters turned away from Democrats who supported lockdowns, defunding the police, and Critical Race Theory in schools. In Texas and Georgia, voters rejected Democratic gubernatorial candidates Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) and Stacey Abrams (D-GA).

Now that America has voted for a divided government, it shows the country is as divided as ever. The question is, will lawmakers seek to unite the country, compromise, and get things done for America?

Only time will tell.

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