Warning: Law Enforcement Says More Attacks Likely

Warning: Law Enforcement Says More Attacks Likely

(TheRedWire.com) – Police work was a dangerous job before the summer of 2020. Now, it’s a tinderbox waiting to explode as law enforcement officers prepare for a potential repeat of last year.

In the wake of several high-profile shootings involving police and Black individuals, protests, riots, and looting broke out across America in the name of social justice and police reform. Now, America is on edge, waiting for the next incident, and law enforcement expects more violent acts this summer.

According to the FBI, the first months of 2021 were some of the most harmful to law enforcement in recent history. Thirty-seven police officers have already been killed so far this year. If the trend continues, the nation could see a 100% increase in law enforcement officer deaths this year.

A spokesperson for the National Police Association, Betsy Brantner Smith, said several factors could play a role in any violent outbreaks:

  • Will there be an officer-involved shooting this year?
  • What rhetoric about law enforcement will politicians use?
  • How does law enforcement leadership react to how it’s treated?

Specifically, Smith expressed deep concern that riots could reappear if the political Left continues its divisive defunding of police initiatives.

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