What Are Democrat States Doing With Your Tax Money?

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – According to WalletHub’s recent comparison, Republican-led red states appeared to be more effective in the way they allocated and used taxpayer’s money when compared to Democrat-led blue states.

The study included 29 different metrics that measured the quality and efficiency of state-offered government services in five areas — health, safety, education, the economy, and infrastructure and pollution. The survey also took into account the taxation rates in each of the states.

The WalletHub’s survey found that generally red states were better at providing taxpayers with a return on investment and on average managed to rank better than blue states. The designation of whether a state was considered a blue or red state was based on the 2020 presidential election results.

In the report, it stated “Different states have dramatically different tax burdens,” which poses the question of whether high taxation means better government services, while low taxation means lower quality service. This was the predominant question that WalletHub tried to answer with their survey by comparing and contrasting the quality of services in the 50 states depending on the local tax collections.

WalletHub also analyzed specifically how each state performed in five key government-service categories of health, safety, education, the economy, and infrastructure and pollution, with each category including 29 different metrics.

According to their survey, the following 10 states have the best returns in comparison to the taxation payments made.

New Hampshire – Taxation rank 3 / Government services rank 4

Florida – Taxation rank 2 / Government services rank 4

Alaska – Taxation rank 1 / Government services rank 48

South – Taxation rank 6 / Government services rank 25

Texas – Taxation rank 4 / Government services rank 36

Missouri – Taxation rank 5 / Government services rank 38

Virginia – Taxation rank 28 / Government services rank 1

Georgia – Taxation rank 8 / Government services rank 33

Ohio – Taxation rank 14 / Government services rank 26

Wyoming – Taxation rank 19/ Government services rank 16

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