What Trump’s Iron Dome For America Would Look Like

Oren Rozen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(TheRedWire.com) – Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he wanted to create an Iron Dome missile defense system in the United States that would resemble the one used by Israel. However, experts have argued that this was not going to look the same way that Israel did. 

Trump argued in his original pledge in December that they would work towards creating the “greatest dome” because there were many hostile people in the world. Since then, he has made the same claim twice during campaign stops. 

However, experts have argued that a promise to construct something similar to the Israeli defense system is going to have a really large price tag and would not be very effective in protecting the country from short-range missiles, which is the primary role of an Iron Dome. Instead, they have pointed out that it would be more sensible for the United States to improve missile shields with lawyered systems, and to work on improving the protection that is already in place in the United States. 

Director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’s Missile Defense Project Tom Karako has pointed out that the Iron Dome is a system that has been specifically created to aid Israel and that it was not affordable or sensible to try and implement such a problem across the United States. 

Karako has also stated that Trump’s promise is more of a metaphor as he is just referring to missile defense and stating that they would do a lot to improve the country’s defense.

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