White House Admits Mathematical Error After Gas Drilling Delays

White House Admits Mathematical Error After Gas Drilling Delays

White House Admits ERROR – Millions Of Americans To Be Impacted

(TheRedWire.com) – Gasoline prices continue to skyrocket, impacting the fast pace of price increases for products one buys off a store shelf or online. On Monday, May 23, AAA reported a record national gas average high of $4.596 per gallon. Recently, President Joe Biden said he would do everything possible to lower the price at the pump, but was he sincere?

On May 11, the administration canceled all unused offshore lease sales. Now, it appears the next offshore sale won’t happen until at least fall 2023. To make matters worse, the Biden administration quietly admitted in late April that it had made a mistake through a simple mathematical error.

According to The Daily Caller, that mistake caused a delay in federal offshore oil and gas license approvals. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) was at the heart of the miscalculation, and as a result, they used a faulty model to analyze offshore drilling and its impact on wildlife.

The error is causing significant permit delays as well. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and 19 GOP senators wrote the Department of Commerce to express their concerns as gasoline prices continue to explode with no relief in sight. Cruz said that the permit delay was just one more example of the administration’s de facto ban on new drilling.

Here we are with yet another gaffe from the Biden administration – this time, just not a verbal one. What needs to be done to reduce inflation and get the United States’ economy back to normal?

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