White House Lists Hundreds Of Trump’s Accomplishments

White House Lists Hundreds Of Trump's Accomplishments

(TheRedWire.com) – Perhaps no other president over the last one hundred years overcame more obstacles than President Donald J. Trump. Considering the challenges he faced, it’s extraordinary all the former president accomplished. Yet, the media gives him no recognition for his incredible accomplishments.

Let’s take a look at just a few of hundreds of Trump’s significant accomplishments made on behalf of the American people.


Perhaps his most impactful achievement, the economy under Trump exploded soon after the former president significantly cut regulations. A few short months later, Congress passed a major tax cut that empowered businesses to hire more employees. It was so significant that companies offered bonuses to employees to demonstrate how significant the Trump administration’s economic plans were to their businesses and the country.

Additionally, almost 7 million people left the food stamp program. Poverty rates in the African American and Hispanic communities were at all-time lows. Wages increased, and income inequality dropped for two straight years.

Middle East Peace

Two significant things happened in the Middle East. First, Trump kept America out of any new wars. Second, he brokered peace in the region—something no president has done in decades.

In 2019, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. While some feared the president was reckless and might start a war, the opposite happened. Historic peace agreements between Israel and numerous Arab-Muslim nations set off a wave of hope and opportunity in the region. In addition, Kosovo established relations with Israel, as well.

Trump was nominated numerous times for a Nobel Peace Prize for the accomplishments in the Middle East.


Few presidents have an opportunity to overhaul the judiciary like President Trump has done. In collaboration with the US Senate, the former president appointed 230 conservative judges to federal courts over his term. Trump nominated, and the Senate confirmed three conservative Supreme Court Justices, giving conservatives a 6-3 advantage for the first time in half a century. In the appellate courts, nearly one-third of the entire appellate system was overhauled — 54 judges were confirmed.

Just as impressive, Trump’s appointments flipped the Second, Third, and Eleventh Circuit Courts from Democratic-appointed majorities to Republican. Additionally, he dramatically improved the most liberal court in the nation, the Ninth Circuit, for conservatives.

Other Issues

President Trump also saw significant success in trade negotiations. He renegotiated the failed NAFTA deal and made trade between the US, Mexico, and Canada fairer for all three countries. He pushed China to respect US trade deals and play more fairly.

Trump also built hundreds of miles of border walls and reduced the flow of illegal immigration. He withdrew the US from the dangerous and costly Paris Climate Accord and put heavy pressure on Iran through increased sanctions and isolation.

Want to know more about President Trump’s incredible accomplishments? Check out the White House website for a list of achievements by the Trump administration.

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