White House Senselessly Defends Biden’s Son

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden has faced many attacks from House and Senate Republicans who have launched investigations into his foreign business dealings. His recent plea deal with the Justice Department regarding two charges connected to his taxes, and one connected to a gun charge, have also caused many to ask questions about Hunter Biden. So far, the White House has managed to deal with all the questions relating to the younger Biden, however, his upcoming legal troubles and consistent personal problems are likely going to cause problems for President Biden as he enters his reelection campaign.

Last week, the White House was asked by reporters in the briefing room whether President Biden was planning on acknowledging and accepting his granddaughter in Arkansas, following the end of Hunter Biden’s child support case. The New York Times also published a report about the little girl pointing out that she had never met her father or grandfather.

The reports about cocaine being discovered in the White House have also led to many people suggesting that there is a connection between cocaine and Hunter Biden. Former President Donald Trump, who is likely going to be Biden’s presidential opponent in the 2024 race, also claimed that the drugs likely belonged to Hunter Biden who has in the past spoken about his recovery from drug addiction.

The White House has responded by pointing out that the discovery is not connected to the Biden family, and that the drug was found in a location with high traffic from tourists and White House visitors.

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