White House Spreads Misinformation About Kamala Harris’ Health

White House Spreads Misinformation About Kamala Harris' Health

(TheRedWire.com) – The White House is deeply intent on fighting misinformation. That is, unless it’s their misinformation. It appears the administration is struggling to share accurate information about Vice President Harris’s health.

On Tuesday, July 13, the vice president met with Texas House Democrats who fled the state to prevent the Republican majority from passing common-sense election reform. A few days after the meeting, reporters learned two members of the Texas Democratic delegation had contracted COVID-19. When asked about Harris’s exposure, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated Harris was tested for COVID-19 and that she enjoyed a clean bill of health.

However, on Saturday evening, that wasn’t the news relayed by the vice president’s office. White House spokesman Symone Sanders stated Harris and her team didn’t need to be tested for COVID-19 because they weren’t at risk of exposure and were fully vaccinated. When questioned about the apparent contradictions, Sanders doubled down and said both contradictory statements were true.

The VP hasn’t appeared publicly since last Friday when she was with President Biden. The White House is refusing to release any more information on the matter.

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