Whopping Majority of GOP Wants New Candidate Other Than Trump

Whopping Majority of GOP Wants New Candidate Other Than Trump

(TheRedWire.com) – Since 2016, former President Donald Trump has been the standard bearer for the Republican Party. Even after losing to Joe Biden in 2020, GOP voters held the former president in high regard. Despite announcing his candidacy for the White House in November, his campaign has faced a rough start. For the first time, a new poll revealed that Trump might not be the front-runner among GOP voters, who appear to want a new candidate.

On Tuesday, December 13, USA Today/Suffolk University Poll released its most current findings. It looks like most Republican voters are preparing to move away from the former president while still wanting his policies. The poll asked respondents if they wanted him to run again for the White House and maintain his policies, and 31% agreed. Pollsters also asked if they wanted a different presidential candidate with the same policies, and 61% agreed.

Two-thirds of GOP voters said they preferred Florida conservative Gov. Ron DeSantis by double digits over Trump — 56% to 33%. Since Trump announced his candidacy, news outlets reported he ate dinner with antisemite Kanye West and White supremacist Nick Fuentes.

Additionally, he’s lost several legal challenges involving alleged illegal possession of classified documents. Complicating matters further, many of his 2022 midterm election endorsed candidates lost their bids. Only two out of 14 won their races.

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